picture of Pat In addition to counseling, I am an ordained interfaith minister, and enjoy studying spirituality. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, especially while hiking and camping throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. I love to mountain bike and bike commute, biking being one of my primary modes of transportation, recreation, and relaxation. I volunteer for many organizations such as hospice, sitting with dying people from diverse backgrounds, as well as music festivals and other events. I enjoy movies, books, and a huge variety of music, including playing hand drums and didgeridoos. Most of all, when time permits, I enjoy traveling the world, meeting people from diverse cultures. So far, I have only been to Canada, Mexico, Peru and Egypt, and plan on seeing most of the rest of the world in the future. Several years ago I was an over-the-road truck driver, and have been in almost every state in the USA. I love to travel, and yearn to hear about other people’s experiences traveling, whether near or far.